Natural Gemstones

At RSA Gems, we facet only natural gemstone rough and have never cut a synthetic stone. You won't find gemstones that have been (or are suspected of having been) treated in any way. However, we are open to heat treatment and will always disclose this when applicable. This tanzanite was cut from natural, unheated rough.

Ethical Rough Sourcing

Most gemstone rough is mined by small mining companies or individuals using hand tools in remote locations. Our rough is purchased from the mine, if possible, or from reputable rough dealers who work direct with the mines.  Purchasing direct from known sources provides the greatest assurance that child labor is not employed and that funds are not funneled to militias and terrorist groups.

Custom-cut artisanal gemstones

Our gemstones are Artisanal, not commercially-cut. Many are unique and of our own design. We use American precision faceting equipment and cutting methods, cutting for color first, and for brilliance next.  The goal is to get the most beautiful finished gem, not simply the biggest possible.  Custom design and cutting services are available, either with your gemstone rough or ours.

Yin Yang Ametrine
Sunstone Mine

Oregon Sunstone from PANA mine

RSA Gems carries Oregon Sunstone sourced from PANA mine, located in the high desert near Plush, Oregon. PANA mine employs expert gemstone cutters to finish their sunstones before they are made available to the public.