Precision cut gemstones

We use American manufactured precision faceting equipment to cut all gemstones. But more than that, we use precision non-commercial designs, often creating a new design for a particular piece of rough

All natural, unheated raw material

Our company scours the globe for the best gemstone rough we can find. We test all our gemstone rough prior to cutting, including specific gravity measurement, refractive index measurement and several other tests to verify its authenticity

Professional affiliations

We are committed to cultivating a more transparent, sustainable and compassionate gemstone industry. From purchasing our gemstone rough from trusted sources to delivering outstanding authentic finished gemstones to our customers. Our process is honest and clear.

Rock Science Art

There is something mesmerizing about taking a rock that was formed millions of years ago and bringing out its natural beauty in faceted gemstone. We started RSA Gems in order to share that beauty with others who also find gemstones intriguing

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Experience the vibrant colors and unique designs of our precision faceted gemstones. Here we are...
Uniquely cut by Loren Brown, this category of gemstones represents our very best centerpiece creations....
Our team scours the globe for the best gemstone rough we can find. We work...
Our facet designs library represents custom designs created by Loren Brown. Here you will find...
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