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My name is Loren and I am the founder of RSA Gems. After a 30-year career as an aerospace engineer and a mechanical engineer, I have decided to re-invent myself with a longtime favorite hobby and began this company. There is something magical about taking a rock that was formed millions of years ago and bringing out its natural beauty in a faceted gemstone. I started RSA Gems in order to share that beauty with others who also find gemstones intriguing.

My wife, Nataliya, accountant by profession, left the work force several years ago to spend more time with our children, and now she has joined me in this new endeavor as our marketing manager and photographer. RSA Gems is a family-owned business. We live in Houston, TX with two beautiful girls, who also find gems a fascinating gift from nature. Maybe one day they will follow our passion and make it theirs, who knows.

Nearly all gemstones in our collection are one-of-a-kind and custom-cut by myself in Houston. We scour the world for the best quality rough (superior color and clarity) and only our best stones appear here on this site. Some gems may also come from other trusted sources, which are clearly identified as to the cutter and origin. At RSA Gems, we believe in natural gemstones. We do not provide stones that have been irradiated, filled, diffusion-dyed, composites, etc. The only treatment we may occasionally use is heat, and this is always disclosed in the description. Finally, these stones are artisanal, not commercial in nature, but are still priced competitively.

At RSA Gems, we do not fancy ourselves as facet rough dealers. However, as part of our business, we often have rough that we are not going to cut for various reasons. Perhaps the rough is too small or the clarity is not good enough. We sell this rough because while we may not be able to use it, others may.  This material may be perfectly suited to the hobby gemstone cutter, lapidaries and jewelers who create cabochons or natural jewelry, people who have an interest in crystals, or healing stones, or simply collectors may all find these stones suitable for their needs.

We look forward to creating a special piece of art for you,

Loren and Nataliya


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