Brazilian Aquamarine – 22.73 carats


This beautiful Brazilian Aquamarine has been cut into a large, very brilliant gem. This stone has gorgeous inclusions as seen in the photos.

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This is a large natural, unheated Brazilian aquamarine. See the photos of the crystal and cutting as well as the finished stone!  The inclusions in this stone are interesting, this is one of a kind. Nice color and brilliance with  229 facets.

  • Weight:  22.73 carats
  • Dimensions:  18.1 x 14.0 mm
  • Origin:  Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • Color:  GIA: B 3/4  World of Color: 5B 8/6 (very light blue)
  • Clarity:  SI (inclusions, see photos)
  • Cut: Multifaceted Brilliant (229 facets)

Overall Quality:  5 (lower good)*

  • – if you look at the photos that look straight down on the table, you will notice a little lop-sided upper tier of facets.  This was due to a machine adjustment problem. A significant deduction for quality was therefore appropriate.

* For a description of quality factors, see the valuation article.

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