Vivid Orange Brazilian Fire Opal – 5.75 carats


Vivid Orange Fire Opal in a square brilliant cut.

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Vivid orange Brazilian Fire Opal in a square brilliant cut. This stone should fit nicely in a 12 mm square setting.  Care should be taken with fire opal as it is relatively soft and scratches readily.

  • Weight:  5.75 carats
  • Dimensions:  12.0 x 12.0 x 7.9 mm
  • Origin:  Brazil
  • Color:  GIA: oR 5/5   World of Color:  5YR 6/14  (vivid orange)
  • Clarity:  VVS  (eye clean)
  • Cut: ‘Waffle B’ by Edith Strout (cut by RSA Gems)

Overall Quality:  7  (lower fine)*

* For a description of quality factors, see the valuation article.

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