Brilliant Citrine – 7.1 carats

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This brilliant citrine has 169 facets! This stone “winks” across the middle of the stone as it is moved side to side. This is an awesome cutting pattern designed by Edith Strout. We have a couple pieces of this rough available, for an example, click here.

  • Weight: 7.1 carats
  • Dimensions (mm):  12.8 x 9.8
  • Origin: Anahi mine, Bolivia
  • Color: GIA: OY 4/5  WoC: 10YR 8/12
  • Clarity: FL (loupe clean)
  • Cut: “Arpeggio B”  Multi-facet Brilliant (169 facets)
  • Designer: Edith Strout

Overall Quality: 8.5*

* For a description of quality ratings, see the valuation article.

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