Gorgeous Blue Green Tourmaline – 2.98 carats

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Very brilliant, dramatic color and contrast are features of this special blue green tourmaline from Afghanistan. This material had a closed C-axis, which means it was black looking down the length of the crystal. This is why the ends appear black. If we cut off the black ends and re-cut them nicely, the new stone would be shorter, but it would still have black ends. This was a cut we wrote to accentuate the color of this stone.

  • Weight:  2.98 carats
  • Dimensions (mm): 14.9 x 5.4 x 4.6
  • Origin: Afghanistan
  • Color: GIA: GB 5/6   World of Color: 2.5GB 6/8 (strong greenish blue)
  • Clarity: FI (VVS) eye clean
  • Cut: “Pencil Brilliant”
  • Designer: Loren Brown

Overall Quality: 8.5*

* For a description of quality ratings, see the valuation article.

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