Large Custom-cut Tanzanite – 16.32 carats


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This is a natural, unheated tanzanite from Arusha, Tanzania. This is the only place on Earth that tanzanite is found, making it more rare than diamond.  This gem was waiting in the rough for 385 million years. We have transformed it once, it really deserves a designer to bring it fully to life.

  • Weight:  16.32 carats
  • Dimensions:  21.2 x 15.5 mm
  • Origin:  Arusha, Tanzania
  • Color:  GIA:   World of Color:
  • Clarity:  SI (one inclusion under facet on edge – see photos)
  • Cut: Tanzhex by Loren Brown, RSA Gems

Overall Quality:  8 (Upper Fine)*

* For a description of quality factors, see the valuation article.

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