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Teal Sunstone

3.02 carats


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This is a gorgeous sunstone from PANA mine in Oregon.  Sunstone like this is dichroic, meaning if you look at it in one direction it is red and along another direction it is greenish blue (‘teal’ is how it is referred to by PANA mine). A stone like this could have been cut to reveal either more red, more teal like this one, or if the cutter isn’t careful it could be an ugly mix of both, which tends toward a brownish hue. The teal is preferred and is generally more valuable. This stone returns good brilliance in multiple colors, but mainly bluish green.




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10.7 x 7.1 x 6.8





In the early 1800s sunstone was a little-known, rare, and costly gemstone. It wasn’t until finds in Norway, Siberia, and other parts of the world that sunstone became somewhat more widely recognized, more available, and less expensive.


In the US state of Oregon in the early 1900s, there were reports of sunstone finds in ancient lava fields in a desert area called Warner Valley. Even earlier, Native Americans in that area might have been the first collectors of Warner Valley sunstones.


In 1987 sunstone was declared the state mineral for Oregon in the USA. The Oregon sunstone is rather unique in that it is the only sunstone that contains copper crystals.